Andy Clarke - Web Developer, Manchester

Hi - I'm Andy. An experienced full-stack web developer based in Manchester.

I work on a freelance basis with agencies and clients in Manchester.

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My History...

The Codeburo was founded in 2013 after I left the agency that I was working for and started to develop on a freelance basis. Getting in touch with local and far-off agencies alike, I found that there was a great interest and need for flexible developers to work for small to mid-sized agencies who don’t always have the resource they need to pull off a larger project.

I always put the client first - above and beyond the scope of any project. I am looking to make solid long-term business relationships. The long-term ideal makes working together profitable for everybody as each party learns to work with eachother in the most efficient way.

Since then, I have worked with countless agencies building websites, apps, online software, portals, CRM’s, e-commerce systems and much much more! I pride myself on my super-flexibility which takes all of your clients’ needs into consideration. I like to add that ‘flare’ as the finishing touch to all of my work and genuinely enjoy making you ‘wow’ when you see the final product.

Why I'm Different

I understand that your clients may change their minds part-way through a project. It is for this reason that I don’t mind change during a project. I realise that in order for your company to be paid, the project needs to be fulfilled exactly as per their requirements, and as such it would be a fruitless task attempting to quote contracts later on if it doesn’t achieve the end we are all trying to work towards. Simply keep me in the loop and give me as much notice as possible if things are going to change. Most issues do not require a change in deadline.


Have an idea for an app that needs developing? Or do you have an app that needs an update? We offer both native and Phonegap app development services - all in-house with our experienced team.


Working with an array of frameworks we're sure we can help you with your website build. Experts in both front end back-end code we're yet to be stumped by a project we cannot build!


We build streamline systems and applications for companies that are fit for purpose and made with first class user interface design and usability in mind. All projects considered for most devices.